Branding Photography

We provide business in the outdoor industry with location-based branding photography tailored to your needs

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Branding Photography

We provide business in the outdoor industry with location-based branding photography tailored to your needs

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Branding Photography

We provide business in the outdoor industry with location-based branding photography tailored to your needs

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What does this service offer?

We specialise in capturing the essence of outdoor businesses by getting to the crux of what they do and how they do it, where-ever this may occur!

We do this by being able to access and thrive in the places most photographers can't or won't go to. This helps the business produce a genuine image of itself building trust and authority with their prospective clients.

To make ourselves stand out from the pack, we're able to bring studio quality photography outdoors and use professional grade lighting and modifiers in the outdoors where most wouldn't dare to. This approach gives us the edge in our imagery and we pass this on to you so it gives you the edge over your competition.

And the best bit of all is that we've made our services as affordable as we can. So if you're a new start-up and want to make an impression you still can. Even better, spread the cost over a number of months with our flexible payment options.

What images have we produced?

8 reasons why your business should consider branding photography

  1. Images do more than look nice on the page, they speak to your clients too.
  2. You don't get more than one first impression. Don't miss the chance to get it right from the beginning.
  3. Having a consistent bespoke style across all images makes your brand more identifiable and set your business apart from your competition.
  4. Great marketing is not about convincing someone to buy something they need, it's about convincing them to buy something they want (they'll justify it to themselves later). Our photographers will craft the messages you want to convey into your photographs to help with that.
  5. Clients want to know they can trust a brand before they make a purchase. If you show you care about your business then they're more likely to believe they'll take care of you, because in return they know you'll be helping their brand to grow. Do things right, invest in a professional to create the right impression.
  6. Not having professional images on your website or in your brochures and leaflets may have negative connotations with your clients. This is something which can easily be avoided, so why not?
  7. Outdoor services, for instance guiding and instructing, are personality driven businesses; people invest in people. If your clients don't know you they're unlikely to invest in you. We excel at capturing personality so the prospective client can get to know you without having to meet them first.
  8. A majority of all communication is visual (between 60-80%). If you don't have images, or they're not very good, then you're missing out on most of the opportunities available to engage with your potential clients. Your competitors understand this and will be doing the same.

How much does this cost? 

We always aim to be 100% transparent with our prices as we hate nasty surprises as much as you do. That's why we're happy to publish our base price online.

We charge £50 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours shooting (and 2 hours editing) equating to a minimum charge of £200. This covers our time for the shoots you require but do not include additional expenses that may or may not be required to ensure the shoot is feasible. These expenses could include hiring an assistant, investing time to get to remote locations, or have specialist equipment in order to take the images your business is requesting. Please note that if we're required to travel more than 2 hours from our office location for your shoot, we will not accept an assignment which requests our services for less than 4 hours of shooting time.

We aim to be as affordable as possible, especially for smaller businesses who don't typically have a large budget. This is why we're excited to highlight our flexible payment plans which allow you spread the cost of our services over a number of payments. Please ask about these during your initial consultation with one of our photographers.

Our other commercial services

Xtreme Exposures offer two other commercial services which may also appeal to your business.

Product Photography

This tailored service captures your outdoor products in the studio and working in the environments they were designed for - wherever those products are going to be used.

Expedition Photography

For those looking to document expeditions around the globe. This service will give you an embedded photographer into your expedition team and will document your expedition while also being an asset to its success.

How can you find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help grow your business, press the button below and one of our expert outdoor photographers will be in touch to understand your requirements, build a quotation and get you on the way to achieving your business goals.
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