Struggling to get that perfect photo on your favourite route?

Want to be in a photo worthy of a magazine front cover?

Want to show off to your mates how cool you are?

Book a Hero Shot and get it all!

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Everyday climbers photographed as HEROES!

Climb E9? No? Are you able to smash routes on a top rope like a climbing god? Like off-width cracks, grit or limestone, lead climber, boulder or top-rope guru?

Whether it's for the 'I love me' wall or to share with friends and family you can all be heroes! This is the ultimate climbing photography experience that caters for all abilities!

It doesn't matter what grade you climb, this is a tailor made service for non-athletes where you get magazine quality images showing your rad climbing skills on a route you love.

How does it work?


Select an event from the list below that means you can climb a route you want to be photographed on - more venues and times are being added regularly.

Fill out and submit the booking form at the bottom of the event page. We'll then get back to you to confirm that we're able to do what you want as well as provide instructions on where and when to meet and how to pay.

On the day, meet us at the crag and we'll shoot your images. At the end of the shoot we'll give you a code to find your images in our private online gallery where you can select your images to download as well as make purchases for any additional images you want from the day.

What do you get?

For a single shoot you'll get two high resolution digital image files. You get to choose which two you want from your personal online gallery in the days after the shoot. You'll also be able to see all the images that we've taken and have the opportunity to get more if you wish.

If you would like more images, that's great, you can do that. The service fee gives you two, however, you're more than welcome to purchase any additional images from the gallery directly. You're also able to get prints, printed merchandise and other goodies. See the next section for prices. All digital images will be immediately available for download. Any prints or other items will require time for printing and delivery and is handled by our printing partner.

Your digital images can be download straight from our website. You can share them with friends, print them out, have it framed by someone else - whatever. The only constraint is that these images are not for commercial use. If you want to purchase images for commercial use, please take a look at one of our commercial services.

What does it cost?

HeroShots pricing is based on the complexity of the route you're climbing. If it's a bouldering route, it's more straight forward to get into position to take the shots needed to make you look awesome. However, things are more complicated when taking photographs on roped climbs and even more so for big mountain routes.

Each event will have a specific pricing structure and that supersedes what is written below, however we provide the following base prices as a guide:



Single Pitch




Mountain Routes

Contact us.

If two individuals in a climbing pair wish to be photographed on the same route we offer this at 'buy one get one half price'. Please let us know if you'd like to do this at the time of booking your HeroShots.

Print Prices

The following prices apply to purchase of any additional images you want on top of those which are included in your HeroShots deal.

Some items are framed with a card mount. This can be a single or double mount, i.e. one stacked on top of another and usually come in a different colour. This adds depth to the view of the image in the frame. These can be distinguished by the follow codes in our table:

SM - single mounted
DM - double mounted
NM - no mount

Item Size

Price (£)

6" x 4"
10" x 8"
12" x 8"
12" x 10"
18" x 12"
6" x 4" in luxury slip-in mount
10" x 8" in luxury slip-in mount
18" x 12" canvas wrap
24" x 16" canvas wrap
30" x 10" canvas wrap
50.00 DM
10" x 8" frame with a 6" x 4" print
45.00 SM
35.00 NM
10" x 8" frame with a 10" x 8" print
75.00 DM
16" x 12" frame with a 12" x 8" print
65.00 SM
120.00 DM
24" x 18" frame with a 18" x 12" print
100.00 SM
8" x 10" multi aperture frame
36.00 SM
10" x 8" multi aperture frame
38.00 SM
50.00 DM
8" x 12" multi aperture frame
40.00 SM
55.00 DM
12" x 8" multi aperture frame
45.00 SM
65.00 DM
12" x 16" multi aperture frame
55.00 SM
65.00 DM
16" x 12" multi aperture frame
55.00 SM
70.00 DM
12" x 18" multi aperture frame
60.00 SM
Digital Download

If there's an item you'd like but cannot see it in the list above, contact us using the button at the top of the screen and we'll do all we can to get it for you. This includes, fridge magnets, phone cases, mugs, jigsaws and more.

We also do gift vouchers!

That's right! If you struggle to get your partner/parent/child a gift because they've got everything, why not gift them the ultimate photography experience for their favourite sport!

These are great gift options for father's (and mother's) days, Christmases and birthdays as well as any other special event. Are you getting married? Want to have a different wedding photography book than all your other friends? Get a HeroShot with your fiance!

If this appeals then press the 'Contact Us' button above and let us know what you'd like and we'll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I climb any route?

Pretty much - (please see our policy on soloing for exclusions).

As long as we can get to a decent spot to take your awesome HeroShots then any route is fine by us.

Do I have to lead climb to have a HeroShoot?

Only if you want to!

What we suggest is climbing a route you love doing that's within your ability range. This'll allow us to guide you to position yourself in prime location to get your best HeroShots. Climbing out of your abilities usually results in wasting time on the shoot if you fall or can't get to where you need to be.

If you'd prefer not to have the rope above you, we can edit this so it looks like you're leading but comes at an additional £20 charge.

Please let us know about this when making your booking.

Do you offer HeroShots for Soloing?

Please note that if you would like a HeroShot on a route which is described in the guidebook as a roped climb but intend to solo it, we reserve the right to decline the shoot.

We will typically only accept Heroshots soloing requests for routes which are less than 4 meters high and are a recognised bouldering route and not routes with a trad or sport grade in an approved guidebook.

As our services expand to coastal areas, it may be that we decide to relax this policy to include recognised deep water soloing routes but are not at this point yet. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date with changes involving this policy

Why don't you shoot soloing?

This is a company decision to mitigate risk to clients who are advocates of soloing.

While we'll shoot bouldering we consider there to be too much risk in soloing on routes greater than 4 metres and do not want to promote this activity within our business.

This decision is based around the risk of individuals wanting to push themselves for the sake of a HeroShot which may lead to severe injury or even death. We do not wish to put you or ourselves in a situation where we have to respond to an incident while shooting a HeroShoot that may also leave us liable for negligence by promoting an excessively risky shoot.

Do you shoot big mountain routes?

Absolutely, we most certainly do!

Because we base our pricing structure on the complexity of the route, big mountain routes pose significant levels of this and so are priced on an individual basis. If you have a route in mind you'd like images taken on please contact us via the 'Contact Us' button above to receive a Big Mountain quote specifically for your needs.

I can't make the date available at this crag. What options are available to me?

We're adding new dates all the time. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with when we add new events. Alternatively, why not go for a bespoke package and get something sorted now which is super convenient? If so, press the 'Contact Us' button above and request a quote.

I'd like to get a shoot but can't wait. What can I do?

If you would like something sorted quickly, we offer a bespoke HeroShots service where we'll arrange a date specifically to cater to your needs. If you'd like to do this, please press the 'Contact Us' button at the top of this page and state you'd like to have a bespoke service in the message box.

Where do we meet you?

Normally our photographers will meet you at the climb. However, sometimes this doesn't work. Regardless, once we've received your booking request, we'll email you with confirmation that your booking has been received, details on how to make payment and then instructions on what will happen on the day, including where and when we'll meet you.

What happens if it rains?

We are able to shoot in most conditions, however, appreciate that you may not be able to climb in some. We will conduct a weather assessment in the days before the shoot and email you to confirm if the shoot will go ahead or not. If the weather stops us from shooting we'll offer you alternative dates (which may or may not be publicised on this website) or offer you a refund.

I'm delayed and arrive after the shoot slot has started. What happens?

If you're delayed but still arrive during the shoot slot, our photographer will make a decision about whether there's time to complete the shoot.

If there is time, the shoot will go ahead but will end when the slot has been booked to finish.

If you let us know in advance it may increase the possibility of the shoot going ahead.

If there is not time to complete the shoot then we may be able to offer you an alternative time on the same day. If not, we retain the right to cancel the shoot without refund.

What happens if I miss my shoot?

We understand that issues do sometimes happen and we will do what we can to ensure you get what you pay for.

Letting us know in advance greatly helps us out and may mean we can rearrange things to help you.

However, on particularly busy days, it may not be possible to fulfil your shoot if you're severely delayed or miss your slot entirely. In this case as we'll be unable to offer your slot to anyone else you'll forfeit your fee.

When do I get my images?

We aim to give you access to your shoot gallery within 48 hours of the shoot concluding, however, during busy periods, it may be that we cannot do that. You will, however, definitely gain access within 14 days of the shoot concluding.

Can I choose which images to have?

You will be sent a link to a gallery of all the images taken during your shoot. From this, you'll be able to select two to download as part of the service offer.

I want more than two images from the shoot.

The HeroShots service offer includes two image downloads. You are able to select these two from the gallery. Any addtional images you wish to download you can purchase directly from the gallery. Downloads are priced at £20 per file and prints are priced from £10 and upwards. Printed merchandise is also available.

How much are the delivery charges for prints?

These vary depending on the quantity and size of the order you've made and start at £2.50 - using UK mail and is not tracked; tracked options are available on request. Delivery charges will be calculated at checkout.

How long will it take for my prints to arrive?

If you live on the UK, once you've pressed the button to make your purchase, you should expect your prints to be with you within 10 working days (except photo books which may take an additional 2 days), although typically this is a lot quicker. If you've not received your items after this period, please get in touch using the 'Contact Us' button above and we'll find out what's happened.

Orders that are to be shipped to Ireland, Europe or the rest of the world take up to 20 working days to arrive depending on the delivery address.

Where can I get a HeroShot?

Click on the event boxes below for specific HeroShoot event information and bookings.

New dates added soon, please check back again.

Can't see what you can want?

If there's not an event shown above which covers the route you want to climb or the time when you're available, join our mailing list below and we'll keep you up to date with new events as they're made available.

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