What do we offer?

We provide professional photography services to private consumers and to commercial businesses operating in the outdoor industry.

Our Consumer Services

HeroShots! is our new consumer adventure photography service providing recreational rock climbers with a magazine-esc professional photography shoot at various climbing outdoor venues around the north of England.

Our fees are dependent upon the type of climb the prospective hero wants to climb and prices start at just £35. We cater for bouldering, single and multi pitch as well as having a bespoke service for big mountain adventures.

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Our Commercial Services

Download our commercial services brochure here: DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE

Company Branding

To build trust and authority with your clients, this service provides you with images to tell you story and why your clients should be investing in you instead of your competition.

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Expedition Photography

For those looking to document expeditions around the globe. This service will give you an embedded photographer into your expedition team and will document your expedition while also being an asset to its success.

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Product Photography

This tailored service captures your outdoor products in the studio and working in the environments they were designed for

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Featured Commercial Shoots

RPJ Cycle Training

Malvern, Worcestershire
RPJ Cycle Training requested our branding service to supply their company with images specifically tailored for their website.

McKinlay Mountaineering

Stanage Popular, Peak District
Branding photography with Dan from McKinlay Mountaineering while he teaches a single client in lead rock climbing.


Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire, UK
An evening of climbing with Ryan Anderson and Glenn Bloomer WMCI of GB Mountaineering at Brimham Rocks

Monkey Mountaineering

Heptonstall Quarry, Near Halifax, UK
An afternoon shoot with Monkey Mountaineering at the fantastic Heptonstall Quarry.

How do our commercial services work?

Initial Consultation

We'll start with a conversation to find out what it is you need and how our expertise is best suited to increasing your sales. If you don't know what it is you need to do that, we can help. Typically, our clients don't have huge marketing resources and so finding out what needs to be done and when is a significant hurdle to overcome alone. We can help here too!

In our first consultation we'll need to understand what messages you want to convey in your images and then we'll come back to you to propose a selection of shot themes and ideas to meet those messaging goals. You have full control throughout and if you don't like the ideas presented or want to make changes, you can! It's your business and they'll be your images. This step usually takes the longest as there's a normally a few iterations to get it right. We won't proceed until you're happy with what we're going to set out to achieve.

Location Scouting

The next step is to agree on location(s) to take your images. We're happy to receive recommendations but if you're unsure or want our input we will investigate some options before going forward. We'll usually start with a map recce - looking at a map to see where particularly interesting features align with the shoot objectives, then check 3D mapping before getting boots on the ground and checking it out in person. This stage is crucial to understand what background will be seen, what times of day the sun will hit the area and leave later in the day. Doing so may also dictate what time of the day we do the shoot too. Logistics and timings will fall out of this recce and is very important to the success of the shoot.

Checking the map for interesting shoot locations

If costs prevent a physical recce, all efforts will be taken to ensure this information is gathered by remote means. If we're unable to gather this information it may be that it becomes too risky to ensure we'll get what we need and so will be down to you as the client to determine how we proceed.

Sourcing Models and Props

Some clients choose to provide their own models as it gives them control over the style of images that will be produced. Some choose to let us handle it. We're able to source a range of models for you to choose from. The client will then be responsible for employing and managing the model throughout the shoot. This includes their terms of employment, pay and being responsible for their safety. This may mean additional staff are required to ensure each model is safe at height, around water or in austere environments. We can provide a list of qualified and accredited professional outdoor guides who can assist with this if required.

All models will be required to sign a model release form before the shoot commences. No images will be taken unless this step is completed. Forms can be downloaded below and must be received by us no later than one working day before the shoot is due.

The Shoot

When the shoot comes around, you can either choose to be there with us or let us crack on with what needs to be done. We'll follow the shoot plan and include any additional images we find throughout the day that meet the businesses intent. At the end of the shoot, which may be after more than one day, we'll return to our business premises to edit the images. We will not provide you with any images until editing has been completed.

A client shoot in the Lake District

Post Shoot Editing

We'll then set about editing all the images from the shoot; we budget a day of editing for each day of shooting - this is included in our invoice. We prefer to submit our images to you without stylising, however, if you're unable to do this yourselves, we can quote for this additional editing to match the style you currently have or want.

We can size images to meet your output requirements, for instance, if you're a social media company, you will want images sized for Facebook, Instagram, etc, and not for large scale print. We will always still provide a copy of the original images at full resolution as well should you wish to make other crops at a later date.

Once we're all done we'll send you a link to view and download the final images. We'll try to get this to you within two weeks of the end of the shoot but is determined by how many images are taken.

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