Who Are We?

We're a collection of professional photographers with a passion for capturing high quality imagery of extreme sports-related subjects for consumer and commercial use.

Our photographers come from all walks of life but are studio trained as well as being mountaineers, bikers, runners and more. It is the perfection of these disciplines that ensures that when you take on an Xtreme Exposure photographer, you're getting an all-round professional.

Xtreme Exposures are highly motivated individuals who will deliver high quality still and video imagery that's tailored to meet the needs of our clients, whether commercial or not.

Our business is owned and run by Al Topping. A British forces Veteran who trained extensively in outdoor instruction throughout his career before leaving to set up Xtreme Exposures. His passion for photography started well before this and grew with him.

Al Topping

CEO / Founder

Siobhan Smith

Marketing Manager

Our support team

XE are fortunate to be administered by awesome support staff. Leading the way is Siobhan who manages our marketing. She also may be the person who answers your emails and calls to help you get what you need. As an aspiring mountaineering instructor herself, she's often found in the hills in Scotland climbing and hill walking and so fully understands what goes on in the outdoor industry.

Our instructors

We also work with a hand picked team of highly qualified and even more experienced climbing and mountaineering instructors. These talented individuals help us bring our services to the industry and provide instruction and guided experiences to individuals. You can learn more about them here.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always on the look out for amazing people to join our team. If you would like to join us then let us know. We're always open to applications from individuals wanting to be an Xtreme Exposures' photographer. Please email us to tell us about yourself.

Our Values

Technical Excellence

We take pride in our work. We constantly want to improve and we want to be able to offer you the best product we can. Our relentless pursuit for technical excellence ensures that you receive high quality images that, especially in a commercial environment, directly contribute to improving your sales.


For most individuals and especially for small businesses, the cost is the most significant factor in each purchase. We understand this and price our services so they're affordable and consistent meaning there's no surprises. If you can't afford all you need now, spread the cost over 12 months with our subscription models. Flush with cash after a big sale, pay off the cost in one go.


Nothing drives us more insane than people saying they'll do something and then not doing it. Whether it's waiting for a delivery or email to arrive or paying for a service and not getting it. It's just not right! Call us old fashioned, but it matters. So when we say we'll do something for you, we'll do it.

How can we do what we do?

Our ability to find and produce our epic images comes from our vast array of skills and by selecting the right equipment for the job. Years of experience as outdoor people and as photographers has allowed us to hone these skills to ensure success. It's only with devotion, skill and attention to detail that we are able to get to places others can't be more importantly, get the shot as well. Our skills include:


  • Image capture with natural light
  • Image capture with professional lighting and modifiers
  • Basic and complex image composition, complimenting the surrounding environment and shot messaging.
  • We can function in, almost, all weather conditions
  • We have the skills to design and deliver high quality product photography concepts in a studio as may be required.

Rope Access

  • Climbing and abseiling on rock, ice and mixed terrain
  • Rope ascending
  • Traverses
  • Rigging
  • Security of our own kit while working at height

Climbing and Mountaineering

  • We're climbers and mountaineers ourselves with experience doing these activities over the world.
  • We can climb with you (although being off your rope makes for better images and gives more variety).

Mountain Biking

  • Knowing the sport we can predict the right places to stand to capture a great shot on a fast paced course
  • We use high speed sync and short duration flash units for pin sharp images of bikers moving at pace

Trail Running

  • Our mountaineering abilities mean there's nowhere we cannot get to which trail runners can meaning we can always get the shot you need.

Expedition Skills

  • Exped planning
  • We have experience overseas as participants and as exped leaders
  • We have tried and tested leadership skills developed in the British Military

What equipment do we use?

Most of us use Canon full frame DSLRs, lighting solutions by Elinchrom and will normally have at least one backup camera body to go with a range of high spec, wide aperture lenses that we'll carry at any time. In circumstances where go-light strategies are being employed, we may have to simplify what we carry to make sure we're able to operate at the levels you need us to.

Our outdoor kit is as necessary, if not more so than our photography kit, as we couldn't take any photos if we can't get to the right place or couldn't brave the elements. Each of our photographers have specific equipment tastes but a few brands of equipment we like working with are Arcteryx, Paramo, DMM, TerraNova, La Sportiva and Mountain Equipment to name a few.

Our choice of equipment is not about how expensive it is, or which manufacturer we use. Sometimes manufacturers haven't made the kind of equipment we need to do our jobs right and so we've ended up making it ourselves. Our resourcefulness and motivation to achieve the best we can is an attribute you can expect from us throughout our time working together and if it means making something specifically for the job, we'll do it!

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