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Increase your sales and reduce your returns by capturing your product at its best with our in-studio product photography service created specifically for the UK outdoor industry.

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Where doing an average job is not going to cut it

You've spent a lot of time, effort and money making a product that's fit for the outdoor industry and now it's time to start selling it.

Unless you've got a niche product, you've going to have competition and so making it stand out is imperative in a saturated market.

It may be cheaper, have different features or your business might be lucky enough to have a loyal brand following.

But if not, then you absolutely need to show how you differentiate your product from theirs.

How do you make your products stand out?

Good question!

If you're selling on an e-commerce site there may be strict rules over what you can and can't show, how big the images can be and possibly the style image you can upload.

If you're selling via a magazine or other print media you'll have to contend with spiraling costs of real estate available for what you want to spend.

Getting the right imagery is the biggest hurdle to capturing your customer's eyes. Doing a good job of photographing your product goes a long way to achieving this goal.

What are the benefits of in-studio product photography?

How many times have you bought a product only to return it soon after it's arrived because it's not as you expected? How often has that also cost you more because you've then had to pay the return postage?! Exactly!

Giving your product photography the attention it deserves not only helps to boost sales, it helps reduce returns.

A well executed set of product photographs will give your customers a much better impression of what your product is actually like before they buy it.

This allows them to make better decisions on if it'll be suitable for their needs well before they have to send it back to you for a refund. And guess what, this increases profit margins.

Advertising images like those seen on this page differ from our lifestyle product shots which typically show the product in action in the environment they were design for.

Having one style of image is unusual as your customers will be just as keen to see what the product is actually like before they see what it might do for them when using it outside.

What images have we produced?

Here are some of the images we've taken for clients requesting this service

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Can you do this by yourself? 

In short, yes, you can. But, it's easy to do an average job and really, really hard to do it well. Doing it really well is what you need to stand out!

If your competitors are also taking the self-help route then the chances are that your images will look exactly the same as theirs!

Look at the images we've shown you. If you think you can do this yourself then you don't need us. But if not, your competition will be taking advantage of someone's services who can because they recognise the importance decent product photography makes.

Do you want their product images looking better, higher quality and more informative than yours?

A rugged man wears a helmet and carries a rope over his shoulder

What do we offer? 

We can offer two types of imagery for this service: packshot photography - simple e-commerce images on white backgrounds and creative advertising images.

Each comes with its own challenges and so please see below to determine what's most appropriate for you.

Packshot Photography

Designed for those looking for a range of simple product images that feature on white backgrounds. These are product images showing the product's form and function without any 'artistic license' typically seen on e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay. 

Prices are determined by the number of images taken. The more images required, the lower the cost per image and so this is ideal for large quantities of products that are largely the same with minimal variation e.g. only colour or size differences.

If you have products that are quite complex in how it needs to be lit then we cannot always offer a packshot image service. In this case, you may wish to opt for a creative advertising image photograph instead.

Advertising Photography

If it's not a packshot image it'll fit into this category.

Creative, attractive, inspirational imagery that compels customers to investigate more.

Pricing is based upon a daily and half daily rate for shooting time and pre-post production work respectively.

This is a bespoke service which starts at £1200.

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