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Emotive, inspiring and all-informing product photography taken in the environment where your product is meant to be seen.

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A woman smiles while fastening the strap on a bicycle helmet

What are lifestyle product images?

Most of the time, you'll want to showcase your products in a place where it's meant to be used.

Lifestyle product images are taken to show the product being used in scenarios which the manufacturer has intended it be used. For instance, a new pair of sunglasses made specifically for female road cyclists could be captured in an image showing them being worn by a cyclist while she rides her bike on a country lane on a sunny day.

This makes good sense because it tells your customers: 

  • what the product is
  • who is it intended for
  • what it's for
  • where they can use it

Why is this important? 

There's a bit more to it and it doesn't just demonstrate the features and benefits of an outdoor product.

Lifestyle product images are about captivating the customer with the change they will go through when they buy your product!

Think about these products:

  • Buying a new jacket - it'll make you happier in the rain
  • Got a new cam - you'll be more confident to climb at a higher grade
  • New trainers - you'll knock a minute off your next half marathon time

People buy new products so it makes a change in their lives and that's infinitely more powerful, especially if it's an emotional change, than talking about any features or benefits it may have.

Lifestyle photography allows the customer to visualise what could happen if they buy your product.

What else? 

Sometimes, brands forego in-studio product photography in favour of just using lifestyle photography and there's a few business reasons for this. Most of the time it's financially driven, but also, because it's a branding choice. Other times, it could be because they weren't aware there was a difference!

We've produced both for our clients. Here are a selection of those we've taken.

What images have we produced?

Here are some of the images we've taken for clients requesting this service

Ready to take this further?

We're able to help you work out and deliver the images you need for your product. But we can't unless you let us know. Click the button below and we'll do the rest.

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Can you do this by yourself?

Absolutely. But we're messaging specialists. We understand what makes a good image and can curate imagery to suit your creative brief or come up with it ourselves.

What's more is that we're outdoor people. This is vitally important because we'll probably have used your products before or something similar by another brand and so get it! We get that it works in a particular way and why! We know the differences it'll make when outdoors for a long time, when you're tired cold and haven't eaten enough.

And to add to it, we can get to the places you want the product to be seen. We don't just survive in these areas and get out barely alive, we thrive! 

So, sure! If you think you can do this yourselves and have the creative and photographic talents to match, you don't need us! But if you do, we're the right people for you.

Tim Fulford

Owner - Cycling Hub

XE works to the highest standard but with a friendly and approachable manner that puts both the client and model at ease. The results of our work together with XE have been seen around the world and had a great, positive response for being different and striking.

A rugged man wears a helmet and carries a rope over his shoulder

What do you offer?

Our service can be as minimalist or complete as you need.

Turn up and Shoot

If you're keen to keep the price down and have the time and resource to spend coordinating the shoot, we offer a 'turn up and shoot' option. For this we'll take your creative brief, turn up on the day and shoot the images you want. This is ideal for smaller brands with tighter budgets as well as larger brands who have the resource to do all the leg-work in-house.

The Halfway House

We can also work collaboratively with your marketing team to build the idea and plan the shoot so that you get a balance of control and responsibility against the cost. We'll help find locations to suit your plan, identify models and build out your plan with our expertise so that it is achievable and realistic.

The Full Package

Finally, if you want to hand off the entire project to us we can take this on. We will plan and execute the entire shoot, either producing the ideas or not and hand you the images at the end. We just need to understand your brand, your product and what your intended end state is. Then we'll come back to you when it's done. 

For all options, you can either be present at the shoot or leave it to us. 


Our pricing is built on a number of factors, including: time planning, shooting and editing, complexity of the shoot requirements, additional services requested (e.g. sourcing models, seeking commercial location permits, producing risk assessments, hiring outdoor guides/safety staff) as well as including expenses for travel, overnight accommodation and feeding for our team and any equipment rentals and maintenance fees. As a result, each quote is unique but to give a baseline price, our Turn up and Shoot fee for one day of pre-shoot admin, an 8 hour day and a day of editing would be £1600.

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