Models Wanted

Could you be the star of our next adventure shoots? 

How do our shoots work?

Each of our modelling 'casting calls' will tell you who we need and how many people. Also, as our shoots tend to involve an outdoor activity, it's normal for us to need to find people who can rock climb, go trail running, kayaking or mountain biking to name a few. If you have the right personal abilities and equipment to operate in the way needed it'll make your application much more appealing to our clients.

What do we need from you? 

Each casting call will give details of the type of person we're looking for. Usually this will include gender, age-bracket and skillset and means our clients can be sure they're getting individuals who can meet their marketing needs. We'll collect this information on their behalf and let the client decide if you're a fit. If so, they'll contact you and let you know your application has been successful.

What do you get for your time?

Each shoot has details on renumeration. Some shoots are paid - and the amount of pay on offer is given, some are on a time-for-print basis, offer freebies or discounts on their products or services. Time-for-print means, in exchange for you being a model, you get the images from the shoot to use for your own needs - useful for those wanting professional images for personal use or to market themselves in their own careers.

Model Release Forms

All our commercial shoots require our models to complete release forms. This allows us, and the client to utilise the images as necessary for marketing purposes.

Without a signed model release, the client will not be able to use any image which has recognisable individuals featuring in the image and so, in most cases it becomes unusable. More details can be found here.

As part of your application for our shoots, you'll be required to submit a signed and dated release form. Please download a template file from us below, print it, sign it and upload a scanned copy using a service such as WeTransfer that allows you to share a link with us. Enter this link into the application form where prompted so we can get a copy of the completed form.

Please note we cannot accept model applications without this form and we cannot accept forms that have been electronically signed.

If you have issues completing the form, please get in touch with us using the details in the page footer at the bottom of the screen and we'll do our best to assist you.

Our future modelling opportunities

From time to time we have modelling opportunities available for our commercial shoots. If you'd like to get involved in these, they'll be shown below.

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