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You're an outdoor instructor, educator or athlete and you've worked hard on growing your skills. But you've got no clients, sponsorship deals or work for the season! What you need to do is get yourself known, starting by showing people who you really are!

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Why do you need personal branding?

The outdoor industry is saturated with people just like you. You're highly skilled, go to well-known places, deliver a range of popular courses or experiences and probably charge industry standard prices too.

Here's the thing... so do they!

Ask yourself: why should any new prospective clients pick you over them? 

It gets worse!

There's a strong chance that if you're a new business, your ideal clients don't even know you exist. Or, what's worse is that prospective clients might already be seeing your work but getting the wrong impression about you or what you do favouring somewhere else instead! How frustrating would that be? 

This happens more often than you might think. In a time where our spending habits have shifted online, purchase decisions are more often being made on the information that our customers pick up from what they see on a screen.

It includes:

  • how you present yourself in person,
  • on your website,
  • your choice of fonts and logos,
  • how you communicate with potential customers on social media

It's everywhere and getting it wrong is easy to do. Unfortunately, the consequences can be quite severe.

Is there a solution?

The good news is it's never too late and even the 'worst companies' can be rebranded - (anyone remember how Skoda were once perceived?). It can be changed but why risk giving your prospects the wrong impression when it's so easy to do it right from the start?

So if you want to be:

  • distinguishable from your competition
  • 100% trusted online as much as in person
  • seen as an authority in your field of expertise
  • and most importantly, get the clients / sponsorship deals you want

then crafting your personal brand is essential.

What images have we produced?

Here are some of the images we've taken for clients requesting this service

Got questions?

Let's get on a discovery call and work out what you need to be seen.

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What do we offer?

We specialise in capturing the essence of outdoor people, like you, by getting to the crux of who you are, what you do and how you do it differently to your competitors.

We'll work with your brand strategy (if you have one) to ensure your purpose and mission are visible in your images, your tone and voice is heard while keeping your niche in mind. We won't do much gap analysis (determining what people feel about your brand today and what you want them to feel in the future) but we may do a little research to help us deliver our services as best we can for you.

Rest assured, we will do all we can to ensure you can position yourself in the market how you want to be, especially if you want to stand out!

We will create your personal brand in images which in turn helps you to build trust and authority with your prospective clients - no more lost business because they got the wrong idea about you!

At the end of our time working together you'll have a library of images so you can tell your story and convey a consistent brand in your marketing.

You're free to use the images where you want; on social media, on your brochures and print advertising and in magazines and newspapers. We can help tailor the images for each of your social profiles and stylise each one to compliment any pre-existing brand colours.

Ines Mulleneers

Brand Owner

I loved my shoot with Al from Xtreme Exposures. Having not met him personally before my mind was put at ease when we first met. He was charismatic, engaging and polite. He explained what it was he was doing throughout each step of the shoot. I really enjoyed the shoot and can't wait to do it again.

A rugged man wears a helmet and carries a rope over his shoulder

Why should you choose us to do this for you?

There are plenty of photographers out there who are excellent branding photographers. But not all are outdoor-people and most of those are not studio trained portrait specialists. Our images stand out from the pack by giving you studio quality photography, typically found indoors - outdoors. This approach gives us the edge in our imagery and we pass this on to you so it gives you the edge to stand out above your competition.

Because you're an outdoor professional, you operate in an outdoor environment therefore, unless we can operate like you do it'd be difficult for us to capture you at your best. Rest assured that if there's somewhere you want to go to help showcase your abilities we'll be able to follow and thrive too.

We believe our prices are competitively priced and offer multi-term payment plans to help spread the cost. So if you're a new start-up or are struggling financially you can still get the help you need.

Our personal branding prices start at £499.

See what we've done for other clients like you

Our client case studies are some of the best ways to see what we can do for you

Did we catch your attention?

It may be that right now you don't think you can afford it, or you might still need some assurances about what this will do for your business and we understand that, but we're here to help you. Click on the button below let us help you to be seen.

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