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This is where you'll find information about our company privacy policies and steps we've taken to protect your privacy online.

How do we attempt to protect your right to privacy?

Your privacy and the protection of your data are key concerns for us and our business. Whilst we do collect personal information about you during the operation of this business (e.g. researching your job title or business email address for assignment work) it's only to a). identify any needs you may have for photography, b). to maximise your experience or c). fulfil the provision of services you've requested from us. In doing so, our commitment to you is that we will only collect and process information that is strictly necessary for us to perform our business and we will never sell or rent your information to anyone, nor will we distribute your information to anyone who is not directly involved in the provision of services that are essential to the services we provide.

1.1 Data Controller

Xtreme Exposures Ltd DCO is our company CEO, Al Topping.

1.2 Data Protection Officer

There is no regulatory need for a DPO to be assigned within this business as responsibility falls to the DCO.

1.3 Data processors

Xtreme Exposures partners with a number of third parties, all of whom may need to use your personal information, but we only specifically use: 

1.3.1 Webflow - For the purposes of website hosting (Webflow privacy policy)

1.3.2 Zapier - For transferring your data to other third parties listed below (Zapier privacy policy) - Not currently active

1.3.3 Encharge - For the purpose of collecting user details who opt-in to join our mailing list (Encharge)

1.3.4 Facebook - For the purpose of allowing you to interact with our website and content using your Facebook profile (Facebook privacy policy)

1.3.5 Google - For the purpose of providing analytics on how our users use this website (Google Analytics privacy policy)

1.3.6 Dropbox - For the purposes of sharing information with you via the cloud, or when we need to store documentation in the cloud to work remotely (Dropbox privacy policy)

1.3.7 Zenfolio - For hosting and sharing our images with you, after we've taken them. Zenfolio also provides an e-commerce facility (Zenfolio privacy policy)

1.3.8 Pic-Time - For hosting and sharing ourimages with you after we've taken them. Pic-Time also provides an e-commerce facility (Pic-Time privacy policy). This is a new platform that we're transitioning to from Zenfolio. Upon completing migration to this platform, Zenfolio will no longer be used (scheduled to end before 30 Jul 22). (Pic-Time Terms Of Service)

1.3.9 Mouser - For providing analytics on our customer's interaction with our website. No personal data is collected but user activity is tracked anonymously to provide us with insights into how users are using our website and for identifying usability and functionality improvements. (Mouseflow privacy policy).

1.4 Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy can be found here.

1.5 Security of your personal information All the data processors I use have their own privacy policies (see section 1.3), which outline how they protect the security of your information. Any personal information we gather, receive, copy or store for the purposes of operating Xtreme Exposures Ltd are contained within password-protected files which are stored on desktop computers and copied across separate hard drives for redundancy, all of which are located in locked premises. Only staff with a valid need to access personal information are provided with security passwords.

1.6 Data breaches

As per article 33 of the GDPR, in a time period of no later than 72 hours, Xtreme Exposures Ltd will notify any breach of our internal computer systems (or any that we are made aware of by the relevant third party processors) to the relevant people and authorities, unless the breach is unlikely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of any natural persons.

1.7 Data removal

Visit the Information Commissioner's Office for full details of your rights in regards to any data that we or one of our data processors holds about you in regards to this website.

As a summary;

  • You have the right to request details of the personally identifiable information we hold about you and to request that we edit it or delete it.
  • Please contact our third party data processors with any requests for the inspection or removal of any information that they hold about you (see section 1.3).

2. Copyright policy

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is copyright of Xtreme Exposures Ltd, or has been used with permission, and is protected by copyright law. No transfer of copyright is automatically granted.

3. Usage policy

3.1 Personal use

You may view and/or download content on this website (i.e. words and images) for personal use. You are not permitted to modify, alter or otherwise change content in any way. The status of Xtreme Exposures Ltd as the author of the content must always be acknowledged.

3.2 Commercial or editorial use

You may not use any content on this website, or original files thereof, for commercial or editorial purposes without obtaining permission first from Xtreme Exposures Ltd. Unauthorised use is not permitted and you should be aware that content used without permission will be invoiced for and will include an additional 100% of the fee for unauthorised use.

If you would like permission to use content for editorial or commercial purposes, please contact us.

4. Sales policy

Xtreme Exposures Ltd offers print sales on an individual basis, however, does to clients who purchase one of our services. This process is managed and hosted by Zenfolio until Aug 2022 when it will be superceded by our use of Pic-Time. Clients who request prints may do at their leisure once provided with the gallery ID and password sent to them upon the conclusion of the editing phase of the contractual agreement of business. Personal data stored on Zenfolio is not retained by Xtreme Exposures, apart from the customer's name, email address and postal address which are required for the sale and postage of printed images to the customer. Payment details are not seen or held by any employee of Xtreme Exposures Ltd.

5. Policy changes

We may change our business policies from time to time, depending on our business strategy or regulatory guidance. Please check this page occasionally for any policy updates.

This page was last updated on: 9 Jul 2022

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