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Learning to lead climb with McKinlay Mountaineering

July 24, 2021

What was this shoot all about?

Dan is a mountaineering instructor who predominately works in the Peak District. His clients are wide ranging but this shoot was with an individual who needed to progress in rock climbing as part of his development towards being a stunt man.

As a freelance climbing and mountaineering instructor, Dan's skillset is refined for developing the skills of other people wanting to participate and compete in the outdoors. So this shoot was all about trying to capture how he does this with his clients in an outdoor climbing setting.

Shoot Gallery

Dan was quite happy with being photographed and was very natural in the moment, as was his client Alex. The weather was good for us too, being not to hot or cold but also, more importantly for photography, not too bright or too dark. These conditions allow for the most flattering natural light in our images without the need for artificial lighting. This was important for the shoot as this was a live working situation for Dan with a paying client who didn't want to be distracted from what he was paying to learn in order that we could get our lighting sorted.

A view of Stanage Edge

The climbing at Stanage Edge extends for most of the 6 Km of naturally occurring gritstone shelf that overlooks the eastern Peak. This is a fantastic venue for all climbers.

All images were taken in a 'reportage' style that had very limited impact on Dan's teaching session with Alex. Only once were Dan and his client asked for a smile and that was at the top of a climb nearing the end of the day.

Had a great shoot with Al from Xtreme Exposures. He supplied some great images without getting in the way while I was working with a client. What was really impressive was that he really managed to convey the connection between myself and them. He was really easy to get along with having only met him once briefly before and demonstrated excellent communication throughout the process so I knew what I needed to do. I'd really recommend him to anyone looking for quality branding photography in the outdoor industry.
Dan McKinlay
Owner - McKinlay Mountaineering

What else have we been doing?

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