We provide business in the outdoor industry with affordable studio and location-based product photography tailored to your needs

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We provide business in the outdoor industry with affordable studio and location-based product photography tailored to your needs

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We provide business in the outdoor industry with affordable studio and location-based product photography tailored to your needs

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What Does This Service Do?

Our product photography service supplies businesses who operate in the outdoor industry, like yours, with high quality imagery to help you sell your products. This could include simple pack-shot photography (images on a white background) or advertising images that are more creative and really highlight the product, it's features and benefits.

This is a fully featured service that's tailor-made to offer a combination of in-studio and location-based photography. Most products will benefit from both aspects and it gives your customers an eye-catching perspective as well as what is need to demonstrate what your product is, what it does, how and where.

The images we supply are suitable for e-commerce websites, social media, in digital publications or in print - where-ever they're needed really and can be formatted to suit a range of print and online colour profiles and dimensions.

Our studio images can be as classic or as contemporary as you want. We enjoy giving our clients novel images to suit their brand as well as supplying classic high-key (those on a white background) images for e-commerce use.

If you're after something different, we also offer location-based product photography to showcase your product being used in the environments they were made for. This could be an urban setting, or more likely, a rural location possibly whilst committing to a particular activity, for instance, climbing or mountain biking.

Our expert photographers are skilled at bringing our clients the images they need, regardless of where they need to be taken. We're climbers, mountaineers, mountain bikers and trail runners ourselves and so can get the most out of a shoot by putting ourselves in the best places. Sometimes these aren't easy to get to. All this gives us the edge in our imagery and we pass this on to you so it gives you the edge over your competition.

And the best bit of all is that we've made our services as affordable as we can. So if you're a new start-up and want to make an impression you still can. Even better, spread the cost over a number of months with our flexible payment options.

What images have we produced?

How much does this cost? 

We always aim to be 100% transparent with our prices as we hate nasty surprises as much as you do.

Our prices are determined by the the following factors: 

  • the complexity of the imagery required
  • whether images are to be taken in our in-house studio or on location
  • if additional props are required to be sourced or made
  • if we're required to develop the idea for the image or just follow a supplied brief

We do attribute expenses to our invoices that may occur so the shoot becomes feasible. These expenses could include:

  • travel expenditure (and accommodation for multi day shoots)
  • prop purchases
  • set building
  • equipment rental or purchases.

Finally, for organisations who have more than 3 employees or are educational establishments, we may include industry standard licensing fees for our work to be published. You can find more about these fees here.

For those clients wanting to photograph a number of products on white backgrounds with little or no variation between each, we offer a separate pricing list depending upon the complexity of the shoot and the quantity of products to be captured. These start at £45 for one product, decreasing in price per image for more items. 500+ items can be captured from as little as £10 per image. Please request a consultation for further information and to receive a quotation specific to your product photography needs.

We aim to be as affordable as possible, especially for smaller businesses who don't typically have a large budget. This is why we're excited to highlight our flexible payment plans which allow you to spread the cost of our services over a number of payments. Please ask about these during your initial consultation with us.

Our other commercial services

Xtreme Exposures offer two other commercial services which may also appeal to your business.

Company Branding

To build trust and authority with your clients, this service provides you with images to tell you story and why your clients should be investing in you instead of your competition.

How can you find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help grow your business, press the button below and one of our expert outdoor photographers will be in touch to understand your requirements, build a quotation and get you on the way to achieving your business goals.
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