Cookie Policy

This is where you’ll find information about what cookies we use and why, plus how to switch them on and off.

This information is published in addition to our Privacy policy.

Personal information collected and why

1. For the purposes of site operation and general understanding, Webflow and Google both apply cookies and similar technologies when you visit this site, which are small files or pieces of text that are downloaded to your device when you browse the content. These enable this site to work well for visitors plus they help us to understand how you interact with the content.

1.2 For purposes of branding, Webflow uses font files from Google Fonts to display content on this website. To properly display the content to you, servers where the font files are stored may receive personal information about you, including: information about your browser, network or device.

1.3 For the purposes of business marketing

1.3.1 For business to business (B2B) marketing: We frequently communicate with business professionals who we understand to be responsible for purchasing or commissioning photography on behalf of themselves or their employer (which we understand to be legitimate use within the General Data Protection Regulation). These communications, and the data gathering exercises that enable them, are purely for marketing purposes, intended to promote the services of Xtreme Exposures and to generate new business. Be assured that we never share any personal data gathered in this regard (e.g. name, company, job title, email address and telephone numbers etc.), other than with a 3rd party called Mail Chimp and Dropbox whose services are used to backup our business documentation as part of our wider business strategy. (View a link to their privacy policies in our Privacy policy).

1.3.2 For the purposes of business to consumer (B2C) marketing: We do receive communication requests from consumers looking to enquire about our consumer services. This information may come to us by direct email or using one of our online forms. The information we receive from either source will be held in accordance with our privacy policy. We never share any personal data with any other 3rd party and only ever contact individuals who have stated that they wish to be contacted.

1.4 For the purposes of photo assignments and image licensing: Model release forms enable us to ensure the client understand the risks of participating in a photo shoot and they give us permission to use their likeness for commercial purposes. Be assured that we never share any data the client provides us with in this regard (e.g. name, gender, date of birth, contact details, etc.), other than with a 3rd party, such as Dropbox whose services we use to backup our business documentation or as part of our wider business if we wish or have a need to work on our documentation remotely. We may also share model release details with clients whom with we have engaged in a contract to use the images, if they seek evidence of the model release as part of our contractual obligations.

1.5 For the purposes of offering a better service: We collect data on who uses our website, at what time of the day, where they view the site from and what actions they take on the site. This information is processed by Google and Hubspot using their Analytics services. We do not use re-marketing services with Google to advertise our site to you around the internet.

2. Change your cookie settings: Most modern browsers allow the user to configure the settings to be informed of the receipt of cookies or to delete and or prevent them being installed on the user's computer. In a few cases some of the services on this website may not function as a result.